Garage Door Tune-up

Garage door tune up or annual maintenance. Prevent costly repair or part replacement by having your garage door system maintained on an annual basis. A tune up consists of checking your:*door balance, *door level, *door alignment, *track spacing, *panel condition, *rollers, *hinges, *bottom weather seal, *opener belt or chain tension, *limit settings, *opener safety reverse block test, *opener carriage & rail assembly, *opener gears, *lube or adjust all the above listed parts as needed.

Spring Broke?

Springs are necessary for lifting your door. Due to normal wear and tear of the pressure and weight of the garage door, springs will eventually lose force or break. Our technicians can adjust the tension of older springs or replace your broken springs with our High cycle galvanized springs. We keep springs stocked on our service trucks for most size doors.

Opener Problems

Openers sometimes break down due to over-stress or old age. Most       commonly the gears or traveler wear out. Our techs are equipped with the knowledge and equipment for an easy fix. If not, we have new units stocked on our service trucks.

Door off track or jammed?

Garage doors will come off track for one of the following reasons including:  getting bumped, closing on an obstruction or even high winds. Our technicians can repair, balance and align your entire garage door system so that it is operating properly.

Damaged or bent panels?

Panels can be damaged by the door coming off track or by getting bumped into. We can replace a single panel without having to replace the entire door. We carry many types of panels in stock. Call today for one of our technicians to come out and give an estimate. It’s sometimes possible to replace the panel that same day.

Cables thrown, frayed or broken?

Over time the stress on the cables can cause fraying or loosening. Our service technicians have cables in stock and can repair or replace them and your system back up and running.graph here.agraph here.

 Local Garage Repair 24/7

Services Include:

Garage Door Repairs
Broken Spring Repairs
Broken Cable Repairs
Broken or Bent Track Adjustment
Garage Door Remotes and Openers Repairs


We  offers a high quality, affordable garage door repair service, available 24 hours a day for repair estimates, in-person inspections and emergency repairs. We repair garage door parts and entire garage doors; you can check our garage door repair portfolio to see recent repair work carried out by our team. We also perform a complete 25 points safety inspection. 

 Garage repair Bakersfield Specializes in the Following Garage Door Repairs:

Garage Door Springs
Garage Door Openers
Emergency Garage Door Repairs
Roll Up Gatesaph here.

24-Hour Emergency services

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Garage Door Installation Service

While we do offer other garage-exclusive services like garage door repair and maintenance of garage door accessories, our specialty is installation of garage doors, whether in an entirely new building or as a replacement for a previous garage door. We install all types of garage doors in a way that shows our years of experience with the care and attention that is required of precise, measured work like this, not only because we want to represent a reputable, trusted name but because we care about the clients we work for, and our A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau helps put clients at east. With our Angie’s List listing, and the glowing reviews and testimonials by previous clients, we know we can prove our reputation to you. No other Bakersfield Garage Door Installation company can say the same.